Instagram Reels are the newest functionality that is offered by social media network Instagram for allowing the creation and publishing of a short form of video clips of a maximum time of fifteen seconds. It is the concept that suns are familiar like TikTok. Reels on Instagram are the newest feature for creating engaging video and fun video content from stories. Like the biggest social media platform, TikTok users can record the creation of their own sounds, or borrowing the music or sounds from other users through their videos and choose their favorite or desired songs from the biggest music library. There is also an option called countdown timer for adjusting the video speed like slow down or speed up as in the case on the TikTok platform. You can share your Instagram reels in your stories directly sent to certain users in the private message option, and if you have a public account, you can add your Instagram Reels to a new tab on your profile. 


The top Reels on Instagram are now displayed in the Explore tab of Instagram. The functionality of creating Instagram reels is now available at Instagram’s production screen of the news stories. Depending upon the account type on Instagram, whether it is creator or professional or personal, the ability to add music will not be offered or will be offered. If you have a professional account, then this option is not present for some copyright reasons. But the music library option is available for creator accounts and personal accounts. For all type of accounts on Instagram like creators, professional, and personal, you can choose the playback speed of your videos, and you can add various effects to your video that will include AR effects, setting the timer to make the platform to recording your videos of your choice of the length, especially without keep your fingers on the record button on the screen.  For achieving smooth transitions, you can align the one video clip or more than one video clip in the last part of your video clip. You can tap on the bottom left on the production screen of your Instagram Reels.  If you want to receive more likes you can buy Instagram reels likes and retrieve the video content which is already created.


You are ready to post your Reels if you are happy with the results. You can also edit your cover photo of the Reels video with the picture from your mobile devices or with a snippet of your videos. Otherwise, you can save your Reels video as a draft, and you can send it to your friends through private messages and share it through your story.