How Marketers Are Using Instagram Reels: 4 Content Ideas To Promote Business

Instagram came up with a new addition, Instagram Reels, which allows to create and explore short amusing videos. It invites the users to shoot funny videos and can share anyone on Instagram. You can record the video and edit 15 seconds multi clips with stickers, audio, effects, and more creative tools. Many brands and business owners are looking forward to stepping into Instagram Reels. It is launched to beat the famous platform TikTok. So, you can expect a similar feature on Reels. It is actually good news for content creators and influencers to engage with their audience effectively.

In this article, let us spot some of the engaging video ideas for your Instagram Reels. 

Come Up With New Skill To Teach 

No one knows your industry better than you; make use of it. Share your knowledge or skill with your audience. It doesn’t matter if you explain how to bake the celebration cake or how to style your hair, take perfect photos, and more. There is no restriction to what you can share, so start creating.

Just think a minute; you will end up with plenty of how-to ideas. Try to implement all those ideas. Moreover, those kinds of videos are always engaging, and people love to engage with them. Educating content or tutorial form of content has a great impact on social media. So, grab this opportunity.

Give A Live Product Demo 

Have you ever experienced online purchases and got utterly different from what you expect? It may happen to most of us, right. Help your audience by showcasing your product in action in a real-time situation. It not only increases engagement but also it will generate leads. Moreover, you can consider Snaphappen Instagram Reels likes to attract the audience. It helps to bring more new audience to your Reels video. 

For instance, imagine you sell sneakers, shoot videos on someone walking around in a public place, or just highlight them with different outfit ideas. If you promote a reusable shopping bag, give a demo on how much weight it can hold. While uploading the video, ensure you have added the purchasing instruction in your caption. 

Pay Attention To Trends 

Are you trying to get more views? Want to get featured on the Explore tab? Then pay attention to trends, see what’s going on the Reels platform.

Like TikTok, Reels is the native for many strange, amazing trends that are streaming. It can be anything, from daring challenges to dancing movements, keep your eyeballs on those trends. Even you can come up with your own idea and ask your followers to join. Ensure you have included a unique hashtag. Reels are all about having fun and trying new stuff. Remember, while participating in the trend, you need to lose your professionalism. 

Offer Tips That Work For Daily Life

Did you know? Offering tips & tricks kinds of content is an effective way to create exciting and valuable content. Just check out the few guidelines,

It’s okay to give simple and straightforward tips, ensure it must be benefited to your audience.

Your tips must be relevant to your brand or business. Suppose, if you are selling organic vegetables, your audience will not be interested in your photo poses tips. 

Try to encourage audience feedback or suggestions in the comment section. Ask the audience for a choice of content. 


Instagram Reels gives a fast and easy way to develop tips, educate your audience, and inspire. 

Don’tDon’t worry; if you are new or a starter, it will not stop you from getting noticed or going viral. If you use Instagram Reels wisely, you will gain more popularity and viability for your business. All those ideas will assist you in creating interesting videos for your Instagram Reels. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.